We want to have a lasting relation with all students who choose the UKCAT
Doctors. We’ll help you all from the beginning to the end of your UKCAT journey (we know it can sometimes get a bit sticky further down the road).

Your journey with us begins and ends with us guiding you across 3 steps:

Get to know you

From the moment you enrol we’d love to hear from you so we’ll contact you right away. We will ask you about any concerns that you may have so that we can tailor the next steps to suit your needs!

Get clued up

Our tailored course is all about developing confidence, teaching and honing your UKCAT knowledge and having fun. Our experienced tutors will spend a full day covering all parts of the UKCAT and giving you plenty of opportunity to practise!

With You Every Step of The Way

After our course you’ll be buddied up with one of our amazing tutors who will be available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have all the way up to your exam!


  • The Best UKCAT Teachers

    All our tutors are students at some of the world’s best medical and dental schools. Who better to teach you?

  • Continued support

    From the course to the exam day, we will be there to help you. You can ask us anything big or small. Our experienced tutors have been through it all.

  • UKCAT Course Companion

    We’ll provide you with our very own course companion contains comprehensive notes on how to tackle each part of the UKCAT, hundreds of practise questions and invaluable tips and tricks from our tutors.

  • Fun and interactive teaching

    We make teaching fun. Our interactive lectures are littered with quizzes, mini games and team based exercises – rest assured you will be engaged AM to PM!

  • Mini Mocks

    Use what we teach you to move you closer to becoming a UKCAT hotshot! During the course you can get a feel of the real thing by sitting mini-mocks with us. Don’t worry if you’re finding the UKCAT a bit daunting, these tasters will put you in good stead for what’s to come.

  • Efficiency Experts

    We’ll share with you the best techniques for shaving off the seconds when going through the parts and teach you how to use your time effectively to overcome any hurdle that presents itself in the exam.


MORNING (9:30AM – 1:00PM)

UKCAT – the basics
Preparing for the UKCAT
How to optimise your score
Verbal reasoning approach
Verbal reasoning practise
Quantitative reasoning approach

AFTERNOON (2:00PM – 5:30PM)

Quantitative reasoning practise
Decision making approach
Decision making practise
Abstract reasoning approach
Abstract reasoning practise
Situational judgement
Parting messages/advice, Q+A


We are a group of medical students from the best medical schools around the UK who have a passion to teach and pass on our knowledge to all you budding medical students! Our whole team were in your position just a few years ago are in the best place to tell you exactly what you need to do to ace your UKCAT! We are looking forward to meeting you and getting you through your UKCAT preparation!


Final year medical student


Fourth year medical student


First year medical student


The UKCAT is one of the first things that many medical schools look at when it comes to your application. As the test is so different from any other test you have probably sat in your life students can find it a tough cookie to crack! So preparing for the UKCAT is key to strengthen your application and make sure that you meet all those cut offs. Many companies know the importance of the UKCAT and charge extortionate prices and they get away with it!


We want to solve this problem and offer a premium service at a price that everyone can afford – our prices speak for themselves! We want to save you from having to tackle the UKCAT alone so we will be with you every step of the way. We are all students so know exactly how you feel and we will use this to give you a tailored experience that addresses all your needs. Our course targets every section of the UKCAT and is also full of all the tips, tricks and knowledge that you will need. Our mission is to get you all into the medical school of your dreams!

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Other Courses

We also hold medical school interview and BMAT courses. Please check out Interview Doctors and BMAT Doctors for further details :)


  • “The tutors were very friendly and showed that they genuinely cared! They all had their unique story that was very relevant and I learnt so much from them”

  • “I learnt so much in this course- there were several things that I was completely unaware of until this day!”

  • “Very well organised session and all my questions were answered! Clear layout to the whole day and the after care support was brilliant!!”

  • “I would highly recommend this course to all of my friends that want to do medicine!”


Certainly! If the above applies to you or you’re in another situation whereby you’ll need to take the UKCAT test then you’ve got just as much to gain from attending the course as any other student.

Yes, more so if you’re sitting the UKCAT in the same year that the course is being taught – that’s our recommendation. We run the course at the beginning of the summer period firstly to give you plenty of time to do follow up revision in your own time but also so you can use our advice to help shape your approach to the exam.

This will certainly be a topic that we discuss in detail on the course but a general rule of thumb is the earlier the better, provided you give yourself enough time to prepare.

Nope, not at all. Provided you’re proficient in English we don’t mind where your journey starts from. Be sure to look out for future destinations where the course may also be taught.

You’ll be pleased to know that we do and not only that. Our sister organisations (BMAT Doctors and Interview Doctors) deliver BMAT and Medical Interview courses for the same preparatory purposes and we’ve worked hard to preserve the same quality across the board.

You can subscribe to our service using a PayPal account or any major debit or credit card. PayPal is the largest online payment processor and it offers you the highest online security! If you do not have a PayPal account do not worry at all, you can either set one up (takes a few minutes max) or you can pay via any major debit or credit card – whichever tickles your fancy!

You’re entitled to a full refund with a 14-day cancellation period before the date of the course. Unfortunately any cancellations after this date will not be acceptable for any refund.  If you’d like to swap the date of the course that you want to attend with another date in that year then contact us to let us know with the subject ‘Date Swap’. We’d recommend doing this as early as possible, primarily because there are a limited number of spaces on each course but also because if it’s not done at least 14 days before the date of your course then we cannot offer a refund.

Any other questions? Feel free to email us at info@ukcatdoctors.com


If you have any queries, please email us at info@ukcatdoctors.com– we’ll do our best to help in any way we can. Alternatively, get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter!

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